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Our Vision

To let the teenagers know that they matter to God and that God loves them and has a wonderful plan for their lives.

Our Mission

To respond to the spiritual needs of the teenagers by providing a safe place to explore who God is, how God works in their lives, and how they can look to God for the guidance and love they need for their lives every day.


A group of teenagers in 7th-12th grades who love to have fun and learn about God!

Worship Services

Sunday: 11:00 am
Friday : 6:00 pm

Worship Place

Chapel in the Education Build


Friday Night Youth Fellowship, volunteering for Children’s Sunday School and other Church Activities, volunteering for community services, Youth Retreats (Spring and Fall), Winter Jam Concert, Six Flag Trip, Graduation Party, Next Generation Saturday Morning Service.


The Gospel Project by LifeWay


●  Pastor: Timothy Beaumont 전도사
●  Education Coordinator: MyungJoo Kim (김명주)
●  Leader: MyungJoo Kim (김명주)
●  Co-Leader: SungJoon Kim (김성준)
●  Teachers: SungJoon Kim, Elizabeth Yang